Comfortable Fit Adjustable Dog Harness


Dipperdap Comfortable Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

Enhance your walks and adventures with your beloved furry friend with the Dipperdap Comfortable Fit Adjustable Dog Harness. Crafted of premium breathable mesh fabric with deluxe padding, this specially designed harness provides optimal comfort for your pooch on daily walks without sacrificing safety. Innovative “No-Pull” harness easily secures around the torso with integrated adjustable buckles and promotes better control for owners without choking or constricting their dogs, which is far too common with traditional leash and collar combinations. Unique design effectively distributes pressure between the neck and chest so your dog can walk without feeling too restrained, providing more enjoyable hours outdoors with your four-legged companion while making it easier for walkers to manage, especially for elder dog owners. Comfy, durable material features reinforced reflective stitching, which is perfect for wear at nighttime or during other weather conditions when visibility is limited. Specially devised with both dogs and owners in mind, our strategic harness is equipped with a d-hook on the back and belly to accommodate a leash and a large grab handle on the back for emergency situations when owners need to take complete control of their dogs. Its soft, resilient fabric keeps your dog cool during the dog days of summer and comfortable during strenuous activities and other active journeys. This harness is reliable and perfect for everyday use and is highly recommended for dog owners who love their pets and wish to facilitate healthier walks.

  • Designed to distribute pressure evenly between the neck and chest to prevent choking and other respiratory problems caused by traditional collar and leash combos
  • No-pull design makes walking more enjoyable for your canine companion and easier for dog owners without sacrificing safety or comfort
  • Harness makes it easier for owners to maintain control, especially for elders
  • Adjustable chest and neckline provide a perfect fit
  • Recommended for all dog breeds and suitable for even the most active pups
  • Stays in place during even the most strenuous activities
  • Dual buckles provide a secure, snug fit for your furry friend
  • Easy on/off design for quick impromptu walks
  • Durable, reflective stitching makes it easier to see your dog at nighttime for late night walks
  • Soft mesh padding on top and bottom for optimal comfort 
  • D-hook on the belly and back offers leashing options and makes it easy to attach a dipperdap leash (leash sold separately)
  • Grab handle on the back of harness makes it easy to take control of your dog during necessary instances or emergency encounters
  • Breathable fabric keeps your dog cool and comfortable
  • Comfy, durable mesh polyester material
  • Quick-drying fabric is easy to wash when needed
  • Comes in several different sizes, see sizing chart below
  • Choose from a range of color options, including Black, Blue, or Purple
  • Limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Imported

Sizing Chart:

Small- fits neck sizes between 14” to 20” and chest sizes 16” to 27”; recommended for dogs between 10 to 28 lb.

Medium- fits neck sizes between 15” to 21” and chest sizes 19” to 30”; recommended for dogs between 30 to 45 lb.

Large- fits neck sizes between 16” to 24” and chest sizes 20” to 36”; recommended for dogs between 46 to 70 lb.

Extra Large- fits neck sizes between 20” to 31” and chest sizes 23” to 40”; recommended for dogs 75 lb. and up.